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the Body Workshop

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Pilates for Mind & Body

At The Body Workshop Pilates our philosophy is:

‘Through Pilates we want to help you find the best possible movement strategies and balance so that your mind and body can achieve their full potential.’

Pilates at The Body Workshop will allow you to focus on your Mind and Body. Our classes will give you time and space to concentrate on how you move and breathe.

Pilates allows you to find calm within yourself and to take time away from your busy schedule to focus on YOU. 

We want to empower you to experience:

  • Efficient movement
  • Pain free movement
  • Enjoyable movement
  • Ease of movement


Our history

The Body Workshop Pilates was born in the mid 1990's, with Mat Pilates classes being taught in halls and community centres in Cirencester.

Founder, Anne Gibson, also had a small studio in her home using the specialised Pilates equipment for 1:1 client tuition.  Having trained with Polestar Pilates, Anne’s style of teaching quickly became popular and demand for her tuition was high within the area.

Her daughter, Becky, also trained extensively with Polestar Pilates and initially taught in London and Dubai before settling in Bristol in 2010.

Together they opened Cirencester’s first and only fully dedicated and fully equipped Pilates centre with a Mat/Reformer and an Equipment studio. This allowed them to extend the range for classes and also to branch out to other locations.

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Complete exhalation and inhalation of air stimulates all muscles into greater activity.
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