You’ll practice our Exercise of the Month in all our Mat classes.

The Teaser is great exercise to work towards and involves many of the Pilates Exercises such as The Chest lift, Bridge, Assisted Roll up and the Roll Up. Once you can do do all these exercises then you are ready for challenge of the Teaser.

The Teaser is made up of the Pilates Principles, spine articulation, core control and axial elongation which can then benefit your posture, core control, spine health and mobility. It is also an exercise that can make you feel good as involves the whole body, flows nicely and it looks quite impressive. Can you find the best possible movement strategy and as the weeks of September go on can you make your Teaser look effortless?

Tips – Do remember the longer the legs the harder the exercise is to do as your body has more to lift and organise. Therefore don’t be afraid to the the version with the bent knees and build up to straight legs. – Use your arms to give you the sense of pickling your legs up -Really feel the the articulation of the spine when coming up rather than try to just get to the top quickly, even if you cant do the full exercise to start – Don’t rush to pick the legs up let the pelvis pick them up. Enjoy!!

From The Body Workshop Team – Only practice in class when supervised by an instructor.