Swimming is a fun and great exercise to lengthen out the front of the body and work your back extensor muscles, while moving the arms and legs in a swimming motion. By doing this, core control is challenged and therefore improved. When building up to the full Swimming exercise you learn how to pick the arm up and to work the shoulder girdle in it’s optimal way which will give you the benefit of a healthy shoulder girdle which can protect you against injury. You also learn how to lift the legs correctly with the hip extensor muscles, therefore avoiding the lower back doing the work, which is often the case. 

The exercise must feel comfortable. We are building the exercise up from all 4’s, boxes and then the floor. Using just arms, just legs and then adding arms and legs together if it feels good. Don’t be afraid to stay with any of the options as we are wanting good technique to receive the benefits. 

Think about…………. when lying on your front, where you are starting from. The arms are already over the head and then we are asking the body to take the arm further back. If we relate it to standing then think when was then last time you actually moved your arm and shoulder that far back?

Be patient with the exercise, your goal maybe to simply pick the arms and legs up very slightly and for it to feel good, the rest is just a bonus!


The Body Workshop Team