The chest lift is a great exercise for core strength and thoracic (upper and mid back) spine mobility. While doing the exercise try to focus on length and energy in the spine to get maximum benefit.

1. Lie on your back with your hands behind your head to support your head and neck. Exhale and curl up feeling that your thoracic spine is articulating to bring you up. Let your head be heavy in your hands and feel your stomach muscles having to work to help you curl up.

2. Inhale and keep the hold in your stomach and the position of the spine and then reach the arms towards the ceiling.

3. Exhale, place the hands behind the thighs and use them to help peel your spine off the floor a little bit more. Feel how the stomach muscles have to do a bit more work.

4. Inhale and keep the hold in the stomach and reach the arms up to the ceiling and then place them behind the head without dropping the spine down. Then lower all the way back down to the floor.