2018 Intentions

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This New Year I have really be thinking about ways in which I can make life feel a little bit less busy and overwhelming, so that I can have more energy and feel good.

I am married, I have 2 young Children and want to provide my family with nutritious and healthy food, whilst ensuring I spend time being completely present when with them. I want to find some time to look after and do things I enjoy for myself. I want to run and build my business, without feeling that I am always playing catch up.

I have never been one for New Year’s Resolutions, maybe because talk of resolutions being broken always sticks in my mind and I have noted that if people break resolutions often the attempt to try again doesn’t come into play. The definition of a resolution is ‘a firm decision to do or not to do something’. To me the definition of a resolution is strong, clear cut and ridged, you either do or don’t do something. When a resolution isn’t done it is often seen in society as ‘broken’ which can have many negative connotations. Therefore, for me starting a New Year with resolutions just doesn’t work, as they don’t offer me flexibility, room to adapt to whatever comes up in my daily life, or the process to working towards creating lasting changes. 

So instead of setting resolutions I am setting out intentions for 2018. The definition of intention - ‘a thing intended; an aim or plan.’ An aim and plan gives me the sense that my intentions can be worked towards and if things aren’t going to the plan then there is the opportunity and choice to get back on track with my intention, as it never broken! It’s less harsh and offers the chance to really embody the intension again and again which makes lasting change. 

I have 3 Intentions (shared below) for 2018 and I have begun to work with my intension during January and I have already felt a positive change in how I feel. As the year progresses I feel excited about the possibly of adding to these Intentions.

Number 1- Being Present

During my twenties I began to notice I spent a lot of time thinking forward to the future and saying things like ‘I can’t wait to do that’ or ‘things will be better when I do that’ and then when those points in the future became the present I realised that nothing really felt different! It was after taking a personal development course that I realised that I wasn’t living totally in the present moment. I wasn’t unhappy in that place, however I have found that being in the present moment really allows me to experience true happiness when it occurs. 

Number 2- Acceptance

Since having my second child and heading back to work it feels like life has become even more hectic. There seems to be endless daily tasks such as washing, tidying, cleaning, cooking and shopping to do for my home life. My work life also has endless tasks, emails, social media updates, marketing and then actual Pilates practice, all for my business and not to mention my actual teaching. Coupled with not getting sleep like I used to (before having children), I was finding it impossible to find enough time to take on and complete all these daily tasks that make up my life. Until I read something somewhere (I can’t remember where) about how the pace of life for many people these days is fast and busy and that this may not change (unless you choose it to), however you could change how you look at and deal with the pace. To do this was to accept that yes life is busy and fast paced and I choose to live like this. Since I have accepted this and also become more conscious that this is all my choice I have found that I am becoming more efficient at things, enjoying getting them done. I also feel a sense of achievement once I have done them all, even if they all need to be done again tomorrow!

Number 3 -To finish this blog!!

It may seem a simple intention, however I have started many blogs and never completed them. I find I get inspired and become passionate about a subject and start to put down on the keyboard then if I don’t finish it at that time, I can’t find space and time to dedicate to finishing it. I now realise why this is, I wasn’t prioritising it, because I had some self-doubt about publishing my thoughts and ideas. My dialogue to myself about this would be along the lines of, ‘I am not great at expressive writing, what if I say things that others don’t agree with, why would people be interested in my experiences?’. So if I let this continue, I will never progress or grow in this area. So here is the intention to publish this blog!!

I would love her hear your intentions for 2018


Becky A'Hearne - Co-Founder of The Body Workshop Pilates, Polestar Pilates Mat & Comprehensive Pilates practitioner & Mentor

Becky A'Hearne - Co-Founder of The Body Workshop Pilates, Polestar Pilates Mat & Comprehensive Pilates practitioner & Mentor

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