What is the Franklin Method®?

Written by our instructor Charlotte Clarke

I have forgotten how many times I have been asked this question and so often it has been difficult to answer in one sentence. Where, with pilates I could tell you it is an exercise system that helps you to find better movement. I could also give you a few exercise examples like the teaser or hundreds. Yoga again has a recognisable form with particular shapes and exercises. 

The Franklin Method is not this. It has no particular form but it can be applied to any exercise system, any movement, any sport or daily activity, to help improve the the experience and feeling of your body. The Franklin Method doesn’t require you to be in an exercise studio or a gym. You don’t need certain clothing or apparatus (although everyone loves the Franklin balls) You can even practice it on your daily commute!

The Franklin Method is an approach to experience your body better using imagery or dynamic neuro-cognitive imagery if you want to be precise! 

We have something like 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts a day and it is becoming more and more obvious that how we think affects how we live, feel and move. So how about thinking our way into better movement? Try it!!!  Slump in your seat, cross you arms, frown… now notice your thoughts are they mainly negative or positive? Now say 'I feel happy’  and stand up tall, reach your arms up in the air put a big smile on your face and shout “I feel sad!’. Feel the connection? It doesn’t quite compute, it feels more natural to match happy thoughts with happy movement. This small exercise alone shows you how powerfully the mind can change the experience of your movement or body. Plus thoughts are free so why not start there?

What to Expect at a Franklin Method Workshop? 

  • increase awareness of your own physical status so you really start to understand what your body is doing

  • understand the biomechanics and efficient use of the body

  • experience change by changing your thoughts and images

  • gain a tool kit of effective imagery techniques and how to apply them throughout your life

  • improve your mood, lower your tension levels and improve your posture and movement

And we do this through movement, touch, ball release exercises, resistance band exercises and mindfulness training. 

Come and learn how to make lasting and positive change from the inside out!

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